Stichting Consul Democracy

Post address: Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1014, 1095MP Amsterdam

RSIN number: 859876986

The Consul Democracy Foundation was founded on 23rd of March 2019.

Objectives of the Foundation:

  1. to manage, to contribute to the improvement, development and extension worldwide of the participation of the open software "CONSUL DEMOCRACY SOFTWARE";
  2. to reinforce the quality, neutrality and credibility of citizen participation worldwide in democratic process under the principles democracy, independence, free knowledge and software, neutrality, transparency, rule of law and inclusion;
  3. to accept bequests with the benefit of inventory;
  4. to incorporate, to participate in, to co-operate with, to take in any way an interest in, to manage, administer, conduct the management, to advice other legal entities and/or to render services to other legal entities;
  5. to perform all such further acts and activities as are in the widest sense connected therewith, incidental thereto and/or which may be conducive thereto.

Policy plan and activities:

Board members:

Josien Pieterse (Chairman, jointly authorised)

Constance van Egmond (Treasurer, jointly authorised)

Joachim Meerkerk (Secretary, jointly authorised)


Vignoli, Italo (advisory)

Strohmenger, Simon (advisory)

Dobranic, Filip (advisory)

Izdebski, Krzyszto (advisory)

Ghotbi, Sann (advisory)

Tang, Fen (advisory)

The Consul Democracy Foundation (Stichting Consul Democracy) is a non-profit organisation, and the board members receive no remuneration. The Management Board may appoint a Director and may charge the latter with the day-to-day management of the Foundation's business and affairs.

Financial accounting: